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The brief History of SHOUT TMO

In 1998, the occupants of the Shiredale Estate decided to exercise their right to manage their properties, which the Council was planning to demolish. The Tenant Management Organisation was approved on 6th December 2004.

The right to manage is governed by the Management Agreement between SHOUT TMO and the Council. SHOUT TMO is also guided by the Memoranda of Association. The Management Agreement specifies the areas of tenancy management that the Organisation will cover, and what remains under the control of the Council or its appointed representative. The Memoranda of Association also guide the responsibilities of the Organisation.

SHOUT TMO currently manages over 100 properties on the Estate. SHOUT TMO is comprised of volunteer Board Members (including Board Officers) who are either tenants, residents, or landlords of properties on the Shiredale Estate. A list of current Board Members is available from the Secretary to the Board, who can be contacted through the SHOUT TMO Office. All tenants in properties managed by SHOUT TMO can become, and are encouraged to become, members of the TMO.

Board members, including Board Officers, are appointed at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which all tenants and residents are expected to attend. They are entrusted with promoting the smooth running of the TMO and making decisions that can affect the running of your home. Board Members serve a maximum term of 3 years. Board meetings are held every 6 weeks, and Board members are expected to attend. All members sign a code of conduct that must be adhered to. For more efficiency, Board Members also form subcommittees.

To fulfil their responsibility to manage the properties, SHOUT TMO recruits paid staff, including a Housing Manager and Housing Assistant/Admin Officer.

The current Housing Manager is Anisur Rahman. The current Housing Assistant/Admin Officer is Karen McManus. 


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