Services and Checks

SHOUT TMO and its representatives have a right to enter the property to carry out repairs, gas servicing, and any other access as stated in the tenancy agreement. Annual Gas Servicing is a statutory requirement and you are obligated to give access when contacted. The gas servicing is arranged by Northwards with MEARs and they will contact you to arrange a suitable time. The gas servicing will also include checking smoke alarms. Please note as this is mandatory, force entry including a lock change under Housing Act 1985 Section 54 can be issued where attempts to gain access to carry out the gas servicing has proved unsuccessful.

(While smoke alarms are checked when the gas servicing is done, tenants are advised to check their smoke alarms weekly and if it not working to contact SHOUT TMO Office and report it).).

Electric checks in your home are done every five years. This is to make sure your home meets the current electrical safety regulations.

The gas safety checks safeguard you from carbon monoxide poisoning.
The electrical safety checks help to protect you from fires caused by faulty electrics.
Please keep your appointment. Your safety depends on it.

Fire Safety

The fire service can also carry out free Safe and Well visits to your homes. They will:

• Identify potential firer risks
• Advise you on how to reduce or prevent risks.
• Help you to work out an escape plan in case a fire breaks out
• Fit extra smoke alarms if you need them
• Also help with crime prevention and health advice.

Call the fire service on 08000 555 815 to book an appointment

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