Every tenant has a right to live in peace in their own homes and vicinity, however there
are times when your peace is disturbed. Should such nuisance occur:

• In the first instance, if you feel comfortable talk to your neighbour.

If the nuisance persists

  • Ring to book an appointment with the Housing Manager.
    • The Housing Manager will discuss the details and take a statement.
    • The Housing Manager will also discuss the procedure with you including writing and interviewing the alleged perpetrator, talking to witnesses and where applicable other neighbours.
    • You will be issued with an Incident Diary for you to record all incidents which would later be used should the case go further including injunction/court.
    • A case will be opened on the computer system. This will be updated regularly.
  • If the perpetrator continues to cause nuisance they will be issued with a warning. If it continues a second warning may be issued.
    • Where the nuisance persists, the case will be sent to the Community Safety Team for further action including legal action.
    • Serious incidents need to be reported to the Police and the log number passed to the Housing Manager who will take further action accordingly.
    • Where the nuisance stops and/or there are no further incidents for a few weeks, the case will be closed.
    • You will be updated regularly and encouraged to continue to record incidents as they occur.
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