SHOUT TMO under the management agreement have the right to use their own contractors to carry out repairs. Shout also use MEARS who are the contractors used by Northwards who deal with all emergency repairs.

All non-emergency repairs must be reported to SHOUT TMO Office either by ringing 0161 202 6482 (between 10am and 2.45pm) or emailing, or in person at the SHOUT TMO Office Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 10am to 1pm. (Please note that should you come in person to the SHOUT TMO Office after 1pm the buzzer may not be answered).

When the SHOUT TMO Office is not open, and you have an emergency repair, please ring Northwards Call Centre on: 03000 123 123. Please note that Northwards Call Centre will only take emergency calls. For emergency calls between 8 am and 5pm they will be there within 3 hours otherwise will be there the next day, unless waiting this long will cause severe hardship or damage. Please be there for the appointment as you will be recharged the cost of the call-out for missed emergency appointments. Also, ensure you report repairs on time to prevent damage to the property or you could be recharged.

You may be contacted by a member of Staff from SHOUT TMO to confirm that the works have been completed and that you are satisfied with the works. If the works have not been completed on the date of appointment, you will need to contact SHOUT accordingly so we can chase the repair.

Rechargeable Repairs

You must pay for repairs or replacement if you (or anyone living with you or visiting your home) cause damage deliberately e.g. smashed windows, broken doors, or lost keys/fobs, not being available for an Emergency Repair. You must also pay for repair or replacement if damage is caused by your own neglect. Such payments will be paid to SHOUT TMO and you will be issued a receipt. Some repairs will not be done until you have made payment. Where the charge is substantial, a payment plan can be arranged with the Housing Manager.

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